1950 Old Middlefield Way
Mountain View, CA 94043

  • tires | tire brands
    We work with virtually every type and all brands of tires!

  • Our Tires

    We offer all brands
    of new tires.

    We will give you our
    experienced advice
    balancing tire performance,
    tire life, and price..

    Our satisfaction is to see
    that customers leave happy,
    driving with good tires
    and that they return.
  • tires |commercial tires | tires commercial accounts | truck tires | machine tires
    We offer all types of commercial tires for trucks, machines, etc.

  • Inspected
    Used Tires

    If economy is your con-
    cern, we also offer fully
    inspected used tires in
    good driving conditions.

    We select and inspect our
    used tires when they are
    provided to us, as well as
    during and after installa-

    Many customers benefit from
    saving money while having
    good tires for tens of
    thousands of miles.

  • Wheel Balancing

    After installing your
    tire whe balance them
    for safe and smooth
    driving conditions.

    Between installing your
    tires and putting the
    wheels back in your
    vehicle we observe and
    check many other things.

  • tires | road service | tires commercial accounts | truck road tire service
    We can do the same tire service "On The Road".
  • tires |commercial tires | tires commercial accounts | truck tires | machine tires
    We can advise you on the best commercial tire choice for trucks and all types of machines, tractors, etc.
Full Tire Inventory & Tires Services

"We have a tire for you & we fix your tires"

We are open from 7am to 7pm 7 days a week
That is the service we stand by!

Our large on-hand and per-order inventory fits almost any tire need you may have. Our expert advice will help you make a sound choice and save money.

From private cars to commercial trailer-trucks, we have tires for you, and we service them. We offer the same new tires service in our Rich's Tires San Jose new location.

New Tires

We offer a wide variety of new tires on ostock, and we can order any tire that yu want or thwt we believe you may need. You can count in our new tires advice, and service.

Tire Service

If you don't have a spare tire we either fix your puncture or we bring you a spare tire so you can cpontinue your work.

Inspected Used Tires

If you want to have big savings on tire replacement, our throrughly inspected used tires will provide you with good and safe driving for a fraction of the of new tires.

Besides checking and inspecting the tires when we receive them, we pay special attention when they are installed on your rims, and balanced. We will only install tires that are in truly good shape and that will perform flawlessly.