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  • tires | road service | tires commercial accounts | truck road tire service
    Tire road service for commercial trucks, taxis, moving and any automotive commercial business is a much valued service that solve real truck and other companies' problems.
  • We provide full tire services, from tire puncture repair to tire replacement, new tires, used tires, shock absorbers, braakes replacement, oil change, and general auto repair and auto mechanics.
  • tires |commercial tires | tires commercial accounts | truck tires | machine tires
    We offer all types of commercial tires for trucks, machines, etc.
  • tires | tire brands
    We will advise you on the best choice of tire and brand based on tire performance, tire life-time, and cost.

  • Our Tires

    We sell any type and
    brand of tire.

    We will give you our
    experienced advice
    balancing tire performance,
    tire life, and price..

    Our satisfaction is to see
    that customers leave happy,
    driving with good tires
    and that they return.

  • Inspected
    Used Tires

    If economy is your con-
    cern, we also offer fully
    inspected used tires in
    good driving conditions.

    We select and inspect our
    used tires when they are
    provided to us, as well as
    during and after installa-

    Many customers benefit from
    saving money while having
    good tires for tens of
    thousands of miles.
  • full tire services | new tires | tire puncture | tire replacement | rims | tires and rims | used tires | shock absorber | brakes | auto mechanic
    We provide full tire service including new tires, tire puncture repair, tire replacement, shock absorbers, brakes, oil change and auto repair.
Full Tire Service & Automotice Mechanics

"We solve your tire needs - period: - Honesty,
tire expertise and service are our values."

Full Tire Service &
Tire Road Assistance

We carry an order a full tire inventory with any tire you may require.

Our expert advise will help you decide and find the tires that you need balancing the tire's performance, useful life, and cost.

If economy and saving money while still replacing your tire for good tires, we offer a large variety of fully inspected used tires in very good conditions.

We provide a complete tire service including tire puncture repair, tire replacement, new tire installation, balancing.

We offer full tire road service, solving trucks and other transportation companies their tire issues when on the road.

Open accounts for tires and service with commercial firms are practical, efficient, and cost effective.

Shock Absorbers, Brakes,
Oil change & Auto Mechanics

Besides our complete tire service we offer shock absorbers and brakes inspection, repair and replacement, as well as auo repait and maintenance.

In our experience shock absorbers are directly related to tires performance, wear and overall driving experience and safety. We inspect and when necessary replace schock absorbers for a longer tire life and safer driving.

As with shocks, brakes also play a findamental role on tires. To have a good and safe driving ecperience you need both good tires and brakes performing well. We inspect, fix, and when necessary replace brakes, including brake fluids, brake pads, brake rotors, brake pistons and other brake components.

You will find that our service is much more comprehensive than just fixing or replacing your tires.